Fuengirola is located only 20 minutes from Malaga airport and 35 minutes from Marbella and is easily accessible from the airport by train and has a very good bus network serving local and national destinations. The town of Fuengirola was once a small fishing village, and is in fact still quite a small town, with the Fuengirola area being made up of many smaller villages and towns like Los Pacos, Los Boliches and Carvajal.

At one end of Fuengirola, the well-preserved unconquered Moorish Castle stands proud on top of a hill and is now used as a dramatic location for theatre productions and concerts. Also during the summer months it houses a Medieval Market and Beer Festival. The 6km long beach promenade is excellently maintained and enjoy by cyclists, joggers and morning or evening strollers alike. This 6km stretch of coastline is made up of sandy beaches with many bars and restaurants offering tables directly on the sand and sun beds to enjoy.

If a day away from the beach is what you are after, then Fuengirola again comes up tops. Amongst other things, it has a long established water-park, a conservation Biopark with a successful breeding programme, high street shopping, lots of childrens play areas, a leisure port and the Miramar shopping centre with cinemas.

Fuengirola has become a vibrant metropolis with character while managing to holding onto its charm and friendliness. The advent of many up-market tapas bars, good cafes and restaurants, interspersed with chic boutiques and other shops of interest, as well as fabulous beaches makes it the perfect holiday destination