The Long-Term Rental Market in Spain

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Lynn Rattone, Long-Term Rentals ExecutiveAmongst the gloom and doom of news stories reporting the collapse of the housing market and the reduction of tourism, there are actually some business areas which are improving due to the current economic situation. One of these is Spanish long-term rentals. We spoke to Lynn Rattone, our Long-Term Rentals Executive to find out more.
How do you think the long term rental market is faring in the credit crunch?
Thankfully the long-term rental market is extremely buoyant here. There are still a huge number of Northern Europeans who would like to live here for the unique lifestyle, so we have a steady stream of new people arriving. Due to the credit crunch and the difficulty in getting a mortgage, more people than ever before are opting for a year or two in long-term rental accommodation to settle into their new life, perhaps to try a few different locations, but most of all to see what the housing market is doing before committing to buy.”
Why can long term rental be a good option for homeowners?
“Long-term rentals are ideal if you’re only using your holiday home one or two weeks a year, or perhaps not at all. The tenant will pay you a fixed rent each month and pay all the utility bills during their tenancy. This offers you the security of having rent coming in regularly throughout the year. Although you don’t get as much per week as a short term let, there are less vacant periods so it can make the owner a good steady income.” 
How does HolidayRentalontheWeb help owners and tenants?
I believe we offer the best service to tenants and owners on the Coast; nobody looks after them like us. Through our regular courtesy visits and ability to help immediately with any maintenance issues, the tenant has a happy and hassle-free stay, and the owner is handed back a property in good condition after the tenant departs. Prudent owners see long-term rentals as a positive contribution towards the costs of home ownership, thus significantly lessening their financial burden of owning a property in Spain.”
If you are looking for a long-term rental in Spain or want to rent out your property long-term contact Lynn at, or call +34 952 83 95 95

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