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Bringing your pets on holiday

When it comes to booking your holiday, instead of wondering who can look after the dog while you’re gone, why not bring him with you!?

Travelling abroad with your pets can be fairly straight forward whether you choose to come by plane, boat or car and there are some great ‘pet friendly’ holiday homes on the Costa del Sol so you need never be without them.

Always check the latest regulations before you travel though to ensure you have everything required to bring your pet into the country including pet passport and any necessary vaccinations or paperwork.

November and December is a great time to travel to Spain with pets as the weather is nice enough to go out for walks and adventures but not too hot for them. With so many beautiful areas to choose from on the Costa del Sol, you will be sure to find a holiday home you and your pet will love. Whether you want to stay somewhere secluded with plenty of land around, in the city with plenty of shops and things to do, up the mountains with great views, or by the beach, we can help you find the perfect holiday rental for you and your pet. Same as the UK, where ever you choose to take you dog/cat, always remember to pick up after them to avoid a hefty fine!

When travelling back to the UK after your holiday, be sure to check out the Pet Travel Scheme to ensure you comply with all regulations for bringing your pet from a foreign country back to the UK.

To view our full list of self catering holiday homes on the Costa del Sol, visit our website or call us on 952 839 595 for more information about bringing your pets on holiday.