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Top Apps for the Technical Traveller

The wonderful world of technology has made it almost impossible for anyone to jet off on holiday without their Smartphone or tablet these days.  There are now more apps available to make your trip easier than ever before.

Here is a guide for you on the top travel applications which will help you to improve your travel experience:

Skype: is top of the list, the application which allows you to make free calls to other Skype users from any wifi hotspot or to any mobile phone or landline via Skype credit for significantly less than the usual data roaming charges

Smart Traveller: is an iPhone app which is made for the spontaneous traveller and what’s better it is free. Simply shake your iPhone and the app will select a country at random for you to explore, providing vital information such as flight prices, visa requirements and hotel information

Hipmunk: is a booking app which is free for both iPhones and Android based phones. The app searches for cheap deals on flights and hotels, while allowing you to view the landmarks and amenities near the hotel, making it easier to plan your day before you arrive

The Pocket Guide by GPRS: is a city guide, providing you with useful information and attractions about 65 cities worldwide, allowing you to make the most of your trip away and helping you to find your way in an unfamiliar city without getting lost

Postagram: is a virtual postcard app, which allows you to create postcards from images you have taken and then send them to contacts in your phone. The app saves previously sent postcards, allowing you to see who you have and haven’t sent one to.

Whatever your travel needs, there is sure to be an app for everything, allowing you to have the most up to date travel advice to hand.

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