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Spanish help for holiday makers – Parts of the Body

To continue from last month’s post about going to the doctors, I wanted to give you a list of body parts so you can identify what hurts and tell the doctor where the problem is. I have also included a list of medical conditions so you can explain if required.

head la cabeza arm el brazo
face la cara elbow el codo
throat la garganta wrist la muñeca
neck el cuello hand la mano
eye el ojo fingers los dedos
eyes los ojos thumb el pulgar
nose la nariz chest el pecho
ear la oreja back la espalda
mouth la boca stomach el estomago
lip el labio hip la cadera
tooth el diente thigh el muslo
chin la barba leg la pierna
hair el pelo knee la rodilla
shoulder los hombros ankle el tobillo
bone el hueso foot el pie
skin la piel heel el talón
heart el corazón toes los dedos


heart attack una ataque cardíaco
to injure herir
to break romper
to have a cold estar resfriado
‘flu la gripe
sea sickness el mareo
air sickness el mareo en el avión
allergy la alergia
sunstroke la insolación

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Spanish help for holiday makers – Going to the Doctors

If you feel unwell and need to visit the doctor there are many private health centres and also public health centres who will see you if you present your European Health Insurance Card. Private Health Centres will usually have English speaking staff and in tourist areas such as the Costa del Sol doctors and hospitals have translators available to help. However, it’s always good to be ready just in case they don’t speak English, so here are a few key phrases that will help you through if you need to see a doctor. Continue reading “Spanish help for holiday makers – Going to the Doctors”