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Spain in global demand for holiday rental homes

The Costa del Sol welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world during Easter week to watch the impressive parades join in the traditional celebrations. The great news for home owners is that many of these tourists were looking for holiday homes in the area.

In fact, recent studies show that the global demand for holiday rental homes in Spain has increased by 29% compared to the same time last year, with Andalucía being the most popular choice, accounting for 30% of the growth figure. Many people are starting to choose this type of accommodation over hotels because it offers more privacy and space. The study shows that demand for holiday homes on the Costa del Sol is still on the rise so its great news for home owners looking to rent out their properties this summer.

We are partners with Europe’s largest holiday rental agency, Novasol who can help you with many aspects of using your property for holiday rentals. The best part, it’s free to register! Here are some of the benefits of renting out your Spanish home with Novasol;

  • Novasol has holiday homes in 21 countries and sells through more than 15,000 travel agents.
  • Novasol provides owners with access to huge tourist markets, such as Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, France and Italy, as well as worldwide via their websites.
  • All Novasol properties are available on the internet via 11 different websites in the native languages of their key markets, and can be booked and paid for online.
  • Your property will be promoted on all Novasol websites in each individual language completely FREE of charge!
  • Novasol publishes full colour catalogues in German, Danish, Dutch and French, with a print run of over 2 million copies, distributed to 15,000 travel agents in their main tourist markets.
  • You’ll receive your rental fees in advance direct from Novasol to your bank account.
  • You’ll also be able to control your rental costs better because holiday guests pay for departure cleaning and laundry, and make a contribution towards utilities.


HolidayRentalontheweb can help you prepare your property for holiday rentals guests and take care of everything from bookings and to meet & greets, to house cleaning, maintenance and reports. So you can just relax while your property and guests are very well looked after! Contact us for more information.

Home Owners – Earning Extra Income From Holiday Rentals

Many home owners are often thinking about how to maximise their investment and earn extra income. For those who only use their properties once or twice per year, using it for holiday rentals is a great way to cover costs and maintenance of the property.

If you have never rented out your property before and you have reservations about doing so because you may be worried about how the guests leave your property etc., don’t worry because you are not on your own. Your property management company will help answer all of your questions and take care of arranging safety deposits from your guests, just to give you peace of mind.

The truth is, thousands of home owners on the Costa del Sol use their homes for holiday rentals every year because they find it has lots of benefits and knowing that everything is taken care of whether you are in the country or not means you can relax knowing your property and guests are in good hands.

How much can I earn?

How much your property can be rented out for depends on its location, furnishings, size and a number of other factors. Your property management company can advise you on how much similar properties are being rented for in the area. To give you a rough idea though, for a two bedroom apartment on the Costa del Sol you could be looking at between 500 – 800 Euro per week.

If you want to rent out your property on the Costa del Sol, HomeCareontheWeb can list your property for free on Europe’s largest holiday home company, Novasol, just call us on 952 839 595 or email us for more information. HomeCareontheWeb can also take care of all your rental bookings and enquiries ensuring that you and your guests receive a full and personalised service.

Want to rent out your Costa del Sol property for extra income?

Renting out your property on the Costa del Sol either for long term or holiday lets can be a great way to contribute towards some of the costs associated with owning it – and if you’re really lucky, it might even provide a welcome source of extra income too. But before you rub your hands with glee and rush off to buy a ‘For Rent’ sign to put up outside your property, there are a few points you should carefully consider before taking what is, essentially, a giant leap into the unknown…

Buenos dias,

Well, almost the entire  Costa del Sol woke up this morning to a dense mist drifting in off the Med – a sure sign that the pre-summer heat is rising. That means the peak season for summer rentals is just weeks away. The perfect time to take a look at what it really takes to rent out your Costa del Sol property either for holiday or long-term lets.

There’s no doubt renting out your Costa property can be a great way to contribute towards some of the costs associated with owning it – and if you’re really lucky, it might even provide a welcome source of extra income too.

But before you rub your hands with glee and rush off to buy a ‘For Rent’ sign to put up outside your property, there are a few points you should carefully consider before taking what is, essentially, a giant leap into the unknown.

Firstly, there’s the question of who’s going to handle the business of renting it out.

Of course, it’s only natural you might think first about the cheapest way to do it, and that could mean either doing it yourself, or asking neighbours or friends who perhaps do a bit of property rentals ‘on the side’ to take care of things for you.

Fine, except that anyone who has renting out their property in Spain this way will tell you, it can be a complicated affair for even the most experienced owners and agencies, let alone the uninitiated.

There are pitfalls aplenty and cutting corners and doing it on the cheap by can and usually does lead to big problems.

So, what are your options?

How about using a rentals agency? Great idea. But with so many out there, which one do you choose?

Well, a word of advice  – those agencies or individuals that charge a low fee will almost certainly not be capable of dealing with any big emergencies, or have the resources and expertise necessary to fully help you realise the rental potential of your property over the long haul.

Likewise, they almost certainly won’t have comprehensive liability insurance or even the most basic legal protections in place should anything go wrong or someone is injured while a client is renting your property.

You should also ask yourself the question whether or not you feel you could trust them implicitly to collect the rent on your behalf, or are certain they’ll not rent out your property without telling you and pocketing the cash?

If the answer is “Hmm, not sure,” you may be well advised to look for a reputable local rentals agency instead.

Taking a business-like approach to the rental of your property by finding yourself a dedicated, professional rentals management company to take all the potentially ruinous risks away from you is essential.

The easiest way to find companies offering professional property management services is to go online and search in Google or one of the other major search engines.

You could also check the local area around your property to see if there are any companies offering the kind of services you need. Asking friends and neighbours if they can recommend any good companies is another an excellent approach.

You’ll soon draw up a shortlist of potential candidates, but then the next question is, which one of them should you choose?

We’d recommend you opt for one with an excellent reputation, full insurance cover and all the resources necessary to handle the entire rentals process for you – from giving rental clients initial advice and taking bookings, then caring for them throughout their stay, and finally paying your rental fees directly into your bank account.

In the ideal scenario, the rentals company should insist on providing comprehensive property management services for you too, so your property is cared for year round by their team of professionals. This will ensure your property is always maintained in the best possible condition and therefore be more attractive to those looking for rental accommodation.

At the end of the day an expert rentals management company will provide you with complete peace of mind, by saving you time and money and freeing you from all the hassle associated with renting out your property.

And you’d better believe that price is well worth paying!

We hope that info helps and hasta luego!