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Home Owners – Earning Extra Income From Holiday Rentals

Many home owners are often thinking about how to maximise their investment and earn extra income. For those who only use their properties once or twice per year, using it for holiday rentals is a great way to cover costs and maintenance of the property.

If you have never rented out your property before and you have reservations about doing so because you may be worried about how the guests leave your property etc., don’t worry because you are not on your own. Your property management company will help answer all of your questions and take care of arranging safety deposits from your guests, just to give you peace of mind.

The truth is, thousands of home owners on the Costa del Sol use their homes for holiday rentals every year because they find it has lots of benefits and knowing that everything is taken care of whether you are in the country or not means you can relax knowing your property and guests are in good hands.

How much can I earn?

How much your property can be rented out for depends on its location, furnishings, size and a number of other factors. Your property management company can advise you on how much similar properties are being rented for in the area. To give you a rough idea though, for a two bedroom apartment on the Costa del Sol you could be looking at between 500 – 800 Euro per week.

If you want to rent out your property on the Costa del Sol, HomeCareontheWeb can list your property for free on Europe’s largest holiday home company, Novasol, just call us on 952 839 595 or email us for more information. HomeCareontheWeb can also take care of all your rental bookings and enquiries ensuring that you and your guests receive a full and personalised service.

Flamenco deemed intangible heritage

Flamenco got a well deserved boost in November by being named as an intangible heritage by a UNESCO intergovernmental committee. They have added it to their Urgent Safeguarding List and the Representative List which shows just how important they feel it is to the World’s culture and I must agree.

Flamenco is a passionate, exciting, raw dance which represents the Spanish spirit brilliantly and you can watch fantastic flamenco shows all over Spain. I must say that I am surprised that they felt the need to include it on the Urgent Safeguarding list, as it is alive and well everywhere I have ever visited in Spain. Every local fiesta features flamenco dancing and men and women of all ages dress up in the traditional gear and dance all day and night. There are also lots of flamenco classes and it seems standard for children to learn at least the basics.

Seville and Jerez claim to be the birthplace of flamenco and there are some fantastic clubs to watch it in. But even in Marbella there’s a very authentic little place called Ana Maria Flamenco in the Old Town which puts on twice nightly shows  throughout the year. There is also a highly regarded extravaganza in the Torrequebrada Hotel in Benalmadena. We have a list of flamenco shows, restaurants, golf courses and much more in our Marbella Guide which you can download from our website for free with contact details for all of the places to go and things to see in the area.

Flamenco Costa del Sol

One of the most common things associated with Spain is flamenco and Andalucia is famous for it, with both Seville and Jerez claiming that they are the birthplace of the style of dance. Wherever you go in Andalucia, flamenco plays an important part in their local fiestas with all the girls dressed in their flamenco dresses and all ages dancing together.

The origins of this dance are very interesting. It is thought that Gypsies in Southern Spain created flamenco music and dance in the 15th century, by blending their traditional dance and music from Sind, a northern region of India (now Pakistan) with the musical and cultural influences of Spain. If you want to learn more about the origins of flamenco, Ann Lee has written a very interesting article on Eye on Spain, you can also visit the Museum of Flamenco Arts in Malaga and learn all about it.

Not many people know that you can also watch authentic flamenco on the Costa del Sol. In Marbella the Ana Maria Tablao Flamenco is in the Old Town next to a beautiful church in Plaza Santa Cristo. This is supposed to be the most authentic show in town, but be warned it starts late with the doors not opening until midnight!

Another famous flamenco show on the Costa del Sol is at the hotel Torrequebrada in Benalmadena. This is a 3 hour extravaganza which takes place from Tuesday to Saturday at 10.30pm and lasts 3 hours. It costs 35€ per person including a drink on arrival.

There are flamenco routes all around the region and you can download the guide to flamenco in the area from the Costa del Sol tourist board website. This comprehensive guide tells you about all the styles the local artists and musicians and where you can go to experience flamenco in the area. They mention the Western Costa del Sol route with the Torremolinos Flamenco Festival in August, in October in Fuengirola there is a festival to celebrate the Virgin of the Rosary with flamenco in the streets and lots of special events to see. Mijas and Estepona both have singing competitions for flamenco singers and they recommend a number of good places to see flamenco all year round. Click here to download the guide.  

There are fantastic self-catering accommodation options throughout the area. To book your holiday accommodation on the Costa del Sol visit our website and search through the options or email