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Going to the bank in a foreign country can be a scary experience if you don’t speak the language, so we’ve compiled a list of Spanish phrases so you can make yourself understood.

If you’re trying to do something more complicated that drawing out money or changing some currency, there are several banks which cater for the expat residents of Spain. Solbank has a strong presence along the Costas and the staff speak English, German and Spanish as a minimum. You can find your nearest Solbank branch on their website. On the Costa del Sol there are also a few branches of English banks such as Barclays, Lloyds and Halifax, but these can be a little hard to find.

Below is our quick guide to banking Spanish

Which counter do I go to to change money? – ¿Debo ir a quél caja para cambiar el dinero?
I would like to change some travellers’ cheques, please. – Quiero cambiar algunos cheques de viaje, por favor.
Is there commission? – ¿Hay comisión?
What’s the exchange rate for Pounds Sterling? – ¿Qué está el tipo de cambio por la libra esterlina?
Where do I have to sign? – ¿Adónde debo firmar?
What is today’s date? – ¿Qué es la fecha hoy?
What time does the bank open? – ¿A qué hora abre el banco?
What time does the bank close? – ¿A qué hora cierra el banco?

For more information on holidays on the Costa del Sol visit our website and download our free guides.

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