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Celebrating the Three Kings in Spain

One of the great things about going on holiday to the Costa del Sol during the Christmas period is that you get to do it twice! The celebration of the arrival of the three kings who bring gifts to the newborn baby Jesus Christ is the most important day of the Christmas holidays in Spain.

The three kings are celebrated pretty much the same as Father Christmas. The children leave a little snack for the kings and camels on the night, similar to us leaving out sherry and a mince pie for Santa and they even write letters to the kings telling them the toys they wish for. Many cities even set up a special post box where children can leave their letters for the ‘royal mail man’ so your children could even join in too! If the children have been good that year they receive presents from the three kings during the night just like Father Christmas!

The Spanish commemorate the arrival of the three kings on the 5th January every year with a festive parade and gift giving, however as the children usually go back to school on the 7th it doesn’t leave them with much time to play with their new toys, so many families have also started to celebrate the 25th December to give them more time. The children usually receive half of their presents on Christmas day and the other half on three king’s day.

The arrival of the three kings on the 5th Jan brings much excitement to cities all over Spain and the big parades (la cabalgata de reyes) are major events and usually attended by the whole family. Some of the big parades are even televised. During the festive parade, the three kings are mounted onto big chariots and will throw sweets to the children who are waiting nearby holding umbrellas upside down in order to catch them! It’s a really fun event to take the kids to, you can find the route the parade will take and information on other Costa del Sol Christmas events on Marbella Family Fun and other websites.

Remember during the three kings it will be a national bank holiday on the 5th and 6th January so make sure to stock up on everything you need before then! If you would like a welcome pack with all the essentials ready and waiting for you at your holiday home on the Costa del Sol, send us your requirements or call us on 952 839 595

Enjoy the Malaga Feria this August

If you are looking for something fun to do while on holiday on the Costa del Sol, why not spend a family day out in the delightful city of Malaga at the Malaga Feria, an intercultural festival of music and dance. Taking place between the 11th and 19th August this historic event has something to offer everyone.

For the foodies there are many stalls where you can sample local products including fresh fish and delicious tapas while watching some traditional flamenco dancing or listening to some soul and Jazz music.

There is a daily Medieval Magic fair for the children, where theatre, music and animation are combined to create a fun and playful afternoon.

For those who prefer more modern music there is a DJ tent, featuring many up and coming DJ’s playing a range of dance and techno music.

A swimming competition and Seine boat race takes place at the Malaga port on Saturday the 18th August followed by the closing parade on Sunday the 19th which takes place from 7.00PM, through the streets of Malaga to mark the 525th anniversary of the cities seizure by the Catholic Monarchs.

This is a great way to begin or end your summer holiday, and allows you to take a break from the beach. For more information on the Malaga Feria, click here 

If you would like more information about holiday rentals on the Costa del Sol, please visit our website or contact us on UK, 0208 123 58 53, Spain +34 952 83 95 95 or email

Feria de San Pedro October 2011

If you are visiting the Costa del Sol over the next week, one event definitely worth a visit to is Feria de San Pedro. This entertaining annual event starts Monday 17th October and runs until Sunday 23rd October 2011 and is a great chance to participate in local culture. Continue reading “Feria de San Pedro October 2011”

Easter on the Costa del Sol

Easter celebrations on the Costa del Sol

With Spain predominately being a Catholic country, the Easter celebrations play a huge part of Spanish tradition. Easter week (Semana Santa) celebrations in Malaga are particularly famous for their processions from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Each church has a brotherhood (Cofradia) of men who carry heavy pasos (religious statues) demonstrating their devotedness to the Catholic faith. Some of Malaga’s most well known processions are held on Palm Sunday, the Children’s Pollinica procession being one of them. This is the first paso taken to the streets of Malaga every year.

Another famous procession on Palm Sunday is the Cofradia del Cristo de la Esperanza en su Gran Amor, traditionally pilgrims are meant to carry the paso on their knees proving their religious dedication. This procession and many others within the holy week give the spectators a real taste of Malaga’s exclusive and distinctive celebrations.

The days leading up to Easter Sunday are full of traditional fiestas and display of colour, music and religious devotion with members of different Easter brotherhoods, locals and tourists all joining in and parading the streets. Tourists flock to the Costa del Sol at Easter time for the experience and join in on this special religious week. If you’re looking to spend your Easter holiday on the Costa del Sol, take a look at our website for a variety of holiday rentals.

Flamenco deemed intangible heritage

Flamenco got a well deserved boost in November by being named as an intangible heritage by a UNESCO intergovernmental committee. They have added it to their Urgent Safeguarding List and the Representative List which shows just how important they feel it is to the World’s culture and I must agree.

Flamenco is a passionate, exciting, raw dance which represents the Spanish spirit brilliantly and you can watch fantastic flamenco shows all over Spain. I must say that I am surprised that they felt the need to include it on the Urgent Safeguarding list, as it is alive and well everywhere I have ever visited in Spain. Every local fiesta features flamenco dancing and men and women of all ages dress up in the traditional gear and dance all day and night. There are also lots of flamenco classes and it seems standard for children to learn at least the basics.

Seville and Jerez claim to be the birthplace of flamenco and there are some fantastic clubs to watch it in. But even in Marbella there’s a very authentic little place called Ana Maria Flamenco in the Old Town which puts on twice nightly shows  throughout the year. There is also a highly regarded extravaganza in the Torrequebrada Hotel in Benalmadena. We have a list of flamenco shows, restaurants, golf courses and much more in our Marbella Guide which you can download from our website for free with contact details for all of the places to go and things to see in the area.